Fair pricing for the whole neighborhood.

With Uptain, you can share how much you pay for home services and see what your neighbors are paying for those same services. No need for community posts or making multiple calls, just login and see the actual prices your neighbors are paying different companies.

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"I hated that I had to either hope I was getting a good deal, or call several companies and wait for quotes to compare. Uptain is such a better way."

"I love how I don't have to talk to anyone; I can just see the prices and ratings and book with a click."

- Jared H. (Gilbert, AZ)

"Uptain is going to be a game changer. People get screwed over too often but Uptain is giving power to the consumer."

- Rob S. (St. John's, FL)

You might be paying 2X what your neighbor is paying for your...

- pest control

- lawn care

- solar panels

- water softener

In most industries, we know what is a good deal and what is not, but unfortunately this usually breaks down for home services and systems because they are quoted one by one. Architectural Digest says that pest control costs between $400 and $950 a year and Fixr.com says the average price for a solar panel system for a 1,500 sq. ft. home is between $6,420 and $29,280. These are huge price ranges! Uptain is empowering consumers by making pricing more fair for everyone.

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In the spirit of transparency, we show you the prices your neighbors are paying for services so you can find the best deal.

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Instantly see if your neighbors recommend their service provider and the rating they give them.

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No phone calls required. With a few taps of the app you can book the service providers your neighbors are using.

Uptain is the easiest way to book quality service providers at awesome prices.

Uptain shows you how much people around you are spending on services and systems related to the home. Private information like names and addresses are kept hidden, but pricing on the services we are all interested in is shared so everyone has a chance to get a fair price without the painstaking research of the past.

Get more work done for less money.

Service providers love having customers close together so they don't have to drive all around town. Only Uptain rewards neighborhoods for their customer loyalty. Uptain establishes special group rates so that the more neighbors sign up with a particular service provider, the cheaper the cost is for everyone.

"One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals."

- Jean Vanier

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Uptain is 100% free for homeowners. We don't charge you to use our service because we want every homeowner to have access to fair pricing and quality services.

"Hiring companies for work around my home was always a big chore, but I'm really looking forward to booking services through Uptain."

- Brooklyn A. (La Pine, OR)

"I didn't realize how much I was overpaying on pest control. A casual comment by a neighbor made me realize I had been spending way too much for years."

- Courtney H. (Queen Creek, AZ)